Tarsia Puzzles
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Playing tarsia puzzles is a fun and hands-on way for students to review and practice Chinese vocabulary and phrases. They can complete the activity in groups or individually. The puzzle piece size can be set to as big as a piece of letter paper. If you have a large class, you can also divide it into multiple small teams and get them competing to see which team can correctly finish the puzzle first.

The solution to the puzzle will also be included in the generated PDF. You can create a triangle, Parallelogram, diamond or hexagon puzzle by adjusting the puzzle shape setting. A triangle puzzle only needs 18 word entries but a hexagon puzzle is more challenging and it needs 30 entries. To randomly pick entries from your list, you can click the Sort By button to shuffle your list first.

This Tarsia Puzzle Maker is incredibly versatile. You can use it to create tarsia puzzles for mathematics, science, social studies, and just about any area of the curriculum. All you need to do is to set the matching pair to Chinese - English and enter the matching pairs into the Chinese and Definition fields.

Print puzzle solution sheet.
Paper size:     Letter (8.5 X 11 inch)    A4 (210 X 297 mm)
Puzzle shape:     Triangle     Parallelogram New     Diamond New     Hexagon
Matching pair:     Chinese - English     Chinese - Pinyin     Chinese - Picture     Pinyin - Picture     Pinyin - English
Puzzle piece size:     Small     Medium     Large     Huge
Text size:     Small     Medium     Large
Chinese color
Pinyin color
English color
Grid color