Chinese Vocab Matching Game

This game is outdated. Please ask your teacher to create a new Drag and Match Game

Chinese Vocab Matching Game is designed for Chinese language students to review and practice Chinese vocabulary. You can start the game by finding a vocabulary list created by your classroom teacher or using a pre-made vocabulary list.

Chinese Matching Game

Load a vocabulary list to start the game.

Find a Vocab List

Saved Vocab Lists

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  1. Find a vocab list your teacher created by entering the list name into the search box and then hit the Search button. Click one of the search results to load the list. You can also load a pre-made vocab list or load a list created by yourself. The lists created by yourself are shown in the Saved VOcab Lists box.
  2. Drag a Chinese word card and drop it to the Pinyin or English defintion card that you think it matches. You can also drag a Pinyin or English card to match a Chinese word card. If the two cards match, they will be removed from the board.
  3. When there are no more cards on the board, the system shows the time you spent and you can select to play the game again with a different mode or play the game with a different vocab list.