Themed Writing Paper Creator
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A super flexible and powerful tool to create lovely themed Chinese writing paper for use in your classroom or at home. With a clip art image from your online picture repository, your social media pages, or anywhere on the internet, you can quickly create fun and cute themed writing pages for seasonal activities. You can also use the writing paper to supplement a Chinese lesson that focuses on a school or back-to-school theme.

Themed Chinese Writing Paper


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1. Click the Load Image button to load the theme image you would like to use. Alternatively, click the Search Image button to search an image from the images uploaded by you or other Chinese teachers.
2. If you use an image that you don’t own the right to, you should give credit to its source. You can enter something like "Image by (name of author, or link to the source)" into the Image Credit box. The credit will be shown on the footer of the generated writing paper.
3. Large or super high resolution images may increase the upload time and the writing paper generation time.

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Paper size:        Letter (8.5 X 11 inch)       A4 (210 X 297 mm)
Chinese Font:        Kaiti     LiSu     Xingkai     Youyuan     Hupo     Caiyun     Songti
Writing Grid Color
Writing Grid Style:        Diagonal      Cross      Square
Page Orientation:        Portrait      Landscape
Writing Grid Size: points (one inch equals to 72 points).
Space Between Writing Grid Rows: points (one inch equals to 72 points).
Pinyin Grid Height: points (one inch equals to 72 points).
Image Placement:
Writing grids flow around the image.
11. The writing grid section takes about percent of the page space. The image will be resized accordingly.
Generate additional blank page(s) for writing.