Chinese Matching Worksheets (读一读, 连一连)
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Chinese teachers and parents can use this simple tool to create Chinese word matching worksheets. Students can have fun while matching the Chinese vocabulary words with their associated Pinyin and pictures!

Paper Size:     Letter (8.5" X 11")     A4 (210mm X 297mm)
Worksheet Format:
       12 entries per sheet
       10 entries per sheet
       8 entries per sheet
       6 entries per sheet
       4 entries per sheet
Worksheet Content:
       Chinese - Pinyin - English
       Pinyin - Chinese - English
       Chinese - Pinyin - Image
       Pinyin - Chinese - Image
Chinese Font Size:        Tiny    Small    Medium   Large    Huge
Phonetic Notation:        Pinyin    Bopomofo (Zhuyin)
Column Spaces:        Small    Medium    Large
Chinese Color
Pinyin Color
English Color

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