Build Characters from Components (拼字练习)
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Many Chinese characters consist of smaller characters or components. The components may also be used as individual characters themselves. Some components are used to indicate the sound while other components carry information about the meaning. This tool allows the Chinese teachers to break down the entered Chinese characters and generate a worksheet that requires the students to select the correct components from the word bank and reassemble the Chinese characters.


Enter Chinese characters and click the Create Components button to create your component word bank. Click the Edit button to review the colors and adjust the split position of each character as needed before clicking the Print button to generate a worksheet.

Chinese characters Pinyin Input     Simplified Cangjie Input

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Paper Size:     Letter (8.5" X 11")     A4 (210mm X 297mm)
Worksheet Style:     Match and Write (拼字)     Link and Write (连连看)
Character Hint:     Pinyin/Bopomofo     English     None
Writing Grid Style:     Diagonal     Cross     Square
Writing Grid Size:     Small     Medium     Large     Huge
Phonetic Notation:     Pinyin     Bopomofo (Zhuyin)
Pinyin Grid Size:     Small     Medium     Large
Grid Color
Pinyin Color
English Color